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Danfoss EnVisioneering Symposium 2008...
...Growing Photovoltaic Cell Demand and Supply

The Exhibition Center in Nuremberg, Germany: the venue for Chillventa 2008 to be held on October 15-17

The Exhibition Center in Nuremberg, Germany: the venue for Chillventa 2008 to be held on October 15-17

Danfoss EnVisioneering Symposium 2008

Danfoss announced the date and location for its ninth Envisioneering symposium.

Titled "The Challenge: Will Business Create an Energy-Efficient Built Environment?", this third symposium in the 2008 EnVisioneering Symposia Series will be held Nov. 14 at La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif.

In the United States. The symposium will take place in conjunction with the Air-conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Institute's (AHRI) annual meeting Nov. 16-18, also in Carlsbad.

Ten days following the U.S. presidential election, leaders in industry, finance, research and public policy will meet to address questions related to energy efficiency in the built environment. Among them:

  • What energy goals will drive the new president and Congress?

  • Will they drive radical change in the deployment of energy efficiency technology?

  • Will energy efficiency technology mean stronger economic growth?

  • Will new energy conditions alone transform the private-sector built environment?

The theme for the 2008 EnVisioneering Symposia Series is "Breakpoint: Energy Efficiency at a Crossroads." The series explores the energy efficiency challenge from 30,000 feet and ground level, seeking out the experiences, best practices, insights and discoveries that can help decision-makers meet the demands of the energy-efficient built environment.

Bock Focuses on Energy Efficiency and Natural Refrigerants

Bock Kältemaschinen GmbH is presenting an attractive of compressors for refrigerating/air conditioning applications at Chillventa 2008 from 15 to 17 October.

The company based in Frickenhausen near Stuttgart will be showing practical compressor solutions oriented around current market trends to a specialist audience.

In addition to natural refrigerants, boosting the energy efficiency of refrigerating plants in times of ever-rising energy prices is increasingly playing a leading part.

Years ago Bock unveiled its EFC (Electronic Frequency Control) system, a plug & play solution directly on the compressor for easy deployment of frequency converter technology to control the compressor.

Infinite speed/output regulation allows energy savings of 25% or more to be achieved.

Where previously only the 2 and 4-cylinder compressors of the Pluscom series were available directly on the compressor, at Chillventa Bock will be presenting the EFCi systems for the HG4 (4 cylinders) to HG8 (8 cylinders) series. These are frequency converter systems that, as you know from the EFC system, are designed and programmed for the specific compressor. Unlike the EFC systems for the Pluscom models, for reasons of space

EFCi systems are not directly on the compressor but are instead intended to be set up individually.

Government to Subsidize Home-Use Fuel Cell Systems

Countermeasures against the global warming whose inclusion in the 2009 budget is asked by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) have become clear. They will include a newly established subsidy system in which a householder introducing a home-use fuel cell cogeneration system can receive a subsidy for part of its purchase cost. Also, a subsidy system for clean diesel car purchasers will be established. These measures are intended to put spurs to reductions in ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions from homes and transportation. The Japanese government intends to intensively budget for the creation of low-carbon society.

Main countermeasures against the global warming include: (1) Spread of new energy with less greenhouse gas emissions; (2) Energy-saving measures; (3) Development of innovative technologies. The METI will ask for appropriation mainly in the Special Accounts for Energy whose source of revenue includes oil & coal taxes.

A fuel cell cogeneration system can greatly reduce CO2 emissions compared to previous systems. Tokyo Gas and other companies will begin selling them in earnest to homes from 2009. However, this system is expected to be priced high at about 2 to 2.5 million even when mass produced. Additionally, it requires the installation cost.

Therefore, the METI has judged that, to spread home-use systems widely, it is necessary to reduce the burden on homes by establishing a new subsidy system. Although the upper limit of subsidy per home is not fixed, the METI intends to ask for an appropriation of over 7 billion in the 2009 budget.

Sanyo Invests in Dalian Bingshan Group in China

Sanyo Electric Co. announced recently it has bought a 30% stake in China's Dalian Bingshan Group Co. for about \3.4 billion.

Based in Dalian and capitalized at about \2.3 billion, the industrial air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment manufacturer employs about 1,800 people.A Sanyo spokeswoman said the Japanese electronics maker has no plans to increase its holdings in its Chinese partner from the current 30%.

Sanyo and Dalian Bingshan already have 13 joint ventures in China to make industrial equipment such as air-conditioning and refrigeration systemst.

Carrier to Expand Cooling Products Lineup in Kuwait

At a recent industry seminar, Carrier Kuwait Air Conditioning, the country's premier cooling company, said it plans to broaden its portfolio of air-conditioning products in Kuwait to meet enhanced market demand.

Held at the Radisson SAS Hotel, the seminar focused on how to manage issues such as the effect that the Gulf's harsh climate can have on cooling systems and indoor air quality.

Addressing the forum, Shahid Malik, general manager, Carrier Kuwait, said, "Carrier has been at the forefront of cooling technology in Kuwait, delivering expert solutions that suit the hot and high-ambient conditions in the Gulf. Carrier's comprehensive portfolio spans the entire spectrum of cooling applications and leverages the company's global capability."

Carrier's new products will be sourced from its regional facility, the Saudi Arabian Manufacturing Company (SAMCO), which is among the Middle East's largest manufacturing plants. SAMCO supplies a significant product range to Carrier's Kuwait market, including window units, condensing units, rooftop packages and central station air handling units, among others. The units are designed to meet the extreme, high ambient environment in the Gulf, where temperatures touch 55 °C.

Carrier India Wins Delhi Airport's Terminal 3 Project

Carrier Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Ltd. (Carrier India) has been awarded one of India's largest and most prestigious air-conditioning orders from Delhi International Airport (P) Limited (DIAL) for its upcoming Terminal 3. Carrier India's parent company is Carrier Corp.

Carrier will provide eight Evergreen 19XRD centrifugal chillers of 2500 tonnage refrigeration (TR) each for this project. This dual compressor centrifugal chiller represents cutting-edge heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology and is an ideal choice for large airports, shopping malls, commercial complexes, factories and district cooling plants.

The Evergreen 19XRD is Carrier's largest single-unit cooling capacity chiller employing non-ozone depleting refrigerant HFC-134-A. The chiller features Carrier-patented technology designed to improve indoor air quality and provide environmental benefits.

"We are proud to have been awarded such a prestigious project," said Mr. Zubin Irani, managing director, Carrier India. "Winning this project is further evidence that we are the customer's first choice for air-conditioning products. Carrier will provide high-quality products that help create a comfortable and healthy environment for both travelers and workers throughout this terminal."

Sanyo Announces New 'eneloop universe' Products

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the new release of a new 'eneloop solar light' equipped with a USB power port, the 'eneloop soft warmer' features a rechargeable battery allowing the small electrical blanket to be warmed even when no AC power is immediately available, the new version of the 'eneloop kairo' which is a hand warmer that is fully rechargeable and reusable, warming now on both sides, and the 'eneloop anka' a portable warmer that can be used all night as it has been upgraded since last year.

These new products will all be included in the highly popular 'eneloop universe' product series, and are set to be on sale in Japan from October 10, 2008.

Sanyo will continue to globally expand the 'eneloop universe products' to promote the new lifestyle of "reusing instead of disposing" to become more convenient and accessible.

Daikin to Acquire German Heating Manufacturer ROTEX

Daikin Europe N.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries, has reached an agreement to acquire ROTEX Heating System GmbH. The final transfer of business, subject to the approval of antitrust clearance in Germany, is expected to take place by October 1, 2008.

Moves to replace fuel-burning heaters with electric air heating systems are expected to spread in Europe as environmental efforts accelerate there. Since the launch of heat pump type hot water heating systems in 2006, the Daikin heating business in Europe has been favorably recognized for providing high energy-efficiency and has achieved an expansion in sales from approximately 4 billion yen in 2006 to 10 billion yen in 2007. ROTEX is a company based in Germany as well as in other countries including Italy and France that manufactures and sells highly efficient condensing boilers, floor heating systems, solar water heaters, and other products.

The company also possesses a solid sales network and extensive know-how in the heating business.

This acquisition will allow the Daikin Group to accelerate expansion of its heating business by enhancing its lineup of low CO2 heating products and reinforcing its sales network.

Daikin to Release Energy-Saving RACs

September 10, Daikin Industries announced that it will release a new high-end room air conditioner on Nov. 21 that promotes energy conservation by displaying electric utility expenses and the outdoor temperature as it cools.

The new Ururu Sarara R series has a heating function that is 30% better than models released 11 years ago and could help reduce power consumptionby about 32% annually.

One of its functions allows the room to be cooled for a short time and then automatically returned to a suitable room temperature thirty minutes or one hour later, thus preventing wasteful operation.

At a press conference in Tokyo, Daikin said that prices will be raised by around 10% on all air conditioners for fiscal 2009.

Daikin is targeting combined sales of 400,000 units per year for all models in the Ururu Sarara line.

Bitzer, Trend-setter in All Technologies

The Bitzer Kählmaschinenbau GmbH stand at Chillventa will focus on trend-setting new developments within its comprehensive product range. In an area of almost 500 square meters in Hall 4, Stand 310 and 408, the

Sindelfingen company will be presenting its approved semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with suction gas-cooled frequency inverter, and new frequency controlled screw compressors with horizontal oil separator for water chillers and heat pumps. Another highlight will be the successful Ecostar condensing units with new technical characteristics and a new design. Bitzer is thus setting further milestones when it comes to energy efficiency.

In the field of natural refrigerants, Bitzer will be presenting semi-hermetic CO2 reciprocating compressors for sub- and trans-critical applications, and new compressors for use with ammonia. As a leading manufacturer in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning, the company will also be introducing an extended class of compact screw compressors with higher performance, a new product range of scroll compressors for R410A refrigerant, and numerous new developments in vehicle compressors.

Growing Photovoltaic Cell Demand and Supply

Shipments of photovoltaic cells are expanding steadily. Total shipments of photovoltaic cell modules from Japanese manufacturers in the April to June quarter reached 258,912 kW, up 36.1% over the same quarter of the previous year, according to an announcement made by the Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA). Exports, which account for over 80% of total shipments, grew noticeably, while domestic shipments also showed an increase.

Domestic shipments in the April to June quarter were recorded at 45,612 kW (17.6% of total shipments), up 5.9% over the previous year, and exports were recorded at 213,300 kW (82.4% of total shipments), up 45% on last year.

A breakdown of exports shows that exports to Europe were recorded at 150,467 W, up 42.5%, exports to the U.S. were recorded at 35,552 kW, up 30.8%, and exports to other areas/countries came to 27,281 kW, up 90%.

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